Queen Victoria, the man of the era.

Queen Victoria, the man of the era.
Queen Victoria is one of the greatest monarchs in history. First of all, her rule was remembered for its powerful industrial growth and the incredible heyday of civilizational morality. This era is called Victorian. It was in this era that the values ​​that the middle class professed and which were supported by the Anglican Church flourished: sobriety, punctuality, industry, economy, thriftiness, and Victoria herself was the first example of their fulfillment.
Victoria had long known Prince Albert, but they did not feel anything to each other. But during one of the meetings, the Queen and Prince Albert fell in love. It was true love for life.
Queen Victoria was very happy and gave birth to Alberta 9 children. Prince Albert was a man of high moral principles, and under his influence the queen began to attend less social events in favor of public affairs and family. Albert also loved Victoria and was always faithful to her. Their family was exemplary, in contrast to the families of many European monarchs, who spent all their free time at balls and social events.

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