Elizabeth I, married to a nation

Elizabeth I, married to a nation
The reign of Elizabeth I is traditionally considered the Golden Age of England. It was at this time that England took a leadership position on the world stage, and as a result of the trade and colonial expansion, the British Empire became the largest empire of all time. Whatever part of the earth the sun illuminates, it always illuminates some part of this powerful empire, for which the British Empire was called an empire where the sun never sets.
She was a beautiful woman, and therefore many nobles and kings tried to win her heart. Among the applicants was even Tsar Ivan the Terrible. The Parliament of England ordered the Queen to choose her husband and provide the English throne as heir. But all attempts were in vain - she rejected all the proposals one by one.
Queen Elizabeth outlived all her relatives and friends and died, having not lived a bit before the 70th birthday. She remained a virgin until the end of her days. And she devoted all her love and talents to the country. Therefore, Elizabeth I will forever remain in history as the queen who was married to the nation.

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