Samuel Morse, inventor of the telegraph.

Samuel Morse, inventor of the telegraph.
In 1825, an event happened that had a great influence on the scientist-inventor: after the birth fever, Samuel Morse's wife died. When he received this news, he threw everything and rushed home, but it was too late. Samuel did not even have time for the funeral. It was then that Morse decided to devote his life to defeating the slowness of the then world.
Despite the grandeur of his plans, Samuel Morse does not find support from the state, so he is forced to independently work on his grandiose invention, which will radically change the world.
Glory came to him only when he was already over 50. The US Congress recognized his invention as promising and allocated 30 thousand dollars for the construction of the first Washington Baltimore telegraph line in history. On April 24, 1844, the first phrase was transmitted at a distance of 60 km, it was a quote from the Bible: “Your works are wonderful, Lord.” The world has changed, all the newspapers wrote: "The world has become smaller." The scientist has the nickname American Leonardo da Vinci.

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