Clive Lewis, storyteller of the XX century.

Clive Lewis, storyteller of the XX century.
He was born in Belfast, which is located in Northern Ireland. Clive's father was a lawyer, and his mother was the daughter of an Anglican pastor. The future writer had an older brother, Warren Hamilton Lewis.
The Lewis family lived happily, and every day after dinner, mother and father sat in chairs next to each other and read. In childhood, Clive and his brother had a dog, a cat, a mouse, and a canary. There were many books in the Lewis house, and the future writer was very fond of reading. The first lessons he was given by tutors.
In the years 1950-1956, the series "The Chronicles of Narnia" was published, which brought the writer world fame. For his works, Lewis received many awards and earned considerable funds for them. But the writer lived modestly and spent a significant part of the money earned on charity.
Lewis once said: “God speaks to a man in a whisper of love; if he does not hear, then in a voice of conscience; and if he does not hear again, then through the mouthpiece of suffering. " The whole life of a great writer is a reflection of this quote. Although he had lost faith, God in many ways nevertheless brought Luis with tears of repentance in front of His throne.

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