James Norris Gamble, founder of one of the most powerful companies

James Norris Gamble, founder of one of the most powerful companies
Today, the Procter & Gamble company he created is a multinational corporation, one of the leaders in the global consumer goods market. The company is the largest advertiser in the world: advertising costs amount to eight billion dollars a year. Procter & Gamble bought Wella and Gillette. The value of these transactions is measured in tens of billions of dollars. As a result of these agreements, Procter & Gamble becomes the largest consumer goods company in the world: five billion people use it in 140 countries worldwide.
The founder of this giant, James Gamble, was born in 1803 in Ireland. When the boy was 16 years old, his father brought him to the United States. They fled from poverty from their homeland in search of a better life in the new land.
James fell ill along the way, so the Gamble family was forced to stay in Cincinnati, Ohio. The father of the future entrepreneur was a pastor of the Protestant church, but at the same time he began to learn a new profession in order to feed his family. The head of the Gamblov family was a zealous preacher and raised his children in a Christian spirit.After some time, James recovered and went to study for the best soap maker of the state.
Over time, he begins a successful business and marries. His wife Elizabeth was the daughter of a successful entrepreneur. In the same year, James Gamble's sister Elizabeth married the widower of William Procter. That is how James Gamble and William Procter met. Gamble Sr. insisted that William and James become partners, as they had one profession - soapmaker. So in 1837 the company "Procter & Gamble". The newly created company had its own statute, which was clearly spelled out: to make the world cleaner and brighter.
It's hard for us to imagine our life without Procter & Gamble. We brush our teeth with Blend-a-med, shave the Gillette, clean the Comet, and wash our hands with Safeguard. Our dishes shine thanks to “Fairy”, stains disappear from “Tide”, dandruff comes out “Head & Shoulders” ... All these products are products of the company, which was founded by a devout Christian and the son of pastor James Gamble.

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