William Harvey, Founder of Physiology and Embryology

William Harvey, Founder of Physiology and Embryology.
He investigated and explained the movement of blood in the human body. Harvey is a traveler to the unknown, who had to become the founder of new knowledge about man. He questioned the humoral theory of Hippocrates and Galen. The ideas of the great scientist became a revolution in medicine.It is difficult to name the discovery, which in its significance for human biology would be equal to the opening of blood circulation. It fundamentally changed the doctors' ideas about the emergence and treatment of many diseases. Undoubtedly, this discovery saved the lives of millions of people.
The king helped Harvey conduct experiments in which the scientist studied embryology. In 1651, his fundamental work, Studies on the Origin of Animals, was published, in which the results of many years of research relating to the embryonic development of animals were summarized. The scientist formulated the theory of epigenesis, according to which the egg is the general terminology of all living things and all living things come from the egg.These biology studies have become a powerful incentive for the development of theoretical and practical obstetrics.
The scientist lived out his life, accompanied by fame and respect, all young doctors saw his patriarch in him. Famous poets wrote poetry in his honor. The London College installed his statue in the conference room.
On July 3, 1657, sensing the approach of death, Harvey convened relatives and divided his property between them, and by the evening of that day he died.

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