Margaret Thatcher, the Iron Lady.

Margaret Thatcher, the Iron Lady.
She is the 71st Prime Minister of Great Britain, the first woman in this position, and the first woman to take up the post of Prime Minister of a European state. Her premiership was the longest in the 20th century. Margaret Thatcher is known as the Iron Lady.The beginning of Margaret Thatcher's political career was unsuccessful: she lost her first election.
But this purposeful woman could not be stopped! In the following years of his life, Margaret goes step by step up the career ladder. First, she was elected to the House of Commons, later Margaret became Minister of Education and Science, and since 1975 she is the leader of the Conservative Party of Great Britain.In the end, in 1979, Thatcher was elected Prime Minister of Great Britain. Her premiership fell on difficult times. The country's economy was falling non-stop. After the election, she proclaimed: “Where there was discord, we will restore harmony. Where there are mistakes, we will tell the truth. Where there is doubt, we will restore faith. And where there is despair, we will return hope. ”Margaret Thatcher did not leave anyone indifferent: some criticized her, others admired her ... But whoever said anything, she really was a faithful servant of her people. And, without any doubt, Margaret Thatcher is one of the most influential politicians in history.

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