John Pierpont Morgan, the legend of the banking world.

John Pierpont Morgan, the legend of the banking world.
It is difficult to list all the achievements of this unique person. Morgan, without a doubt, is the creator of the first financial empire in the United States. Also, John Pierpont Morgan was the founder of six industrial giants. This unique banker, having no government posts, controlled the movement of capital from Europe and the United States. Several times he practically saved the United States from bankruptcy. At the end of the 19th century there was not a single specialist in the financial world who would have such a powerful reputation as John Pierpont Morgan.His first wife was Amelia Sturgess, daughter of a wealthy businessman. When they got married, they were both 20 years old. Amelia was very sick with tuberculosis, and Morgan carried her on the stairs every day. After 4 months of their life together, his beloved died.
After her death, John will once again try to start a family, will have relationships with other women, but he will no longer love anyone as much as his Amelia.
Probably, after all, his only love was work, and he achieved unprecedented success in it.
John Pierpont Morgan was a very educated man and could spend hours talking about works of art. He is known as one of the greatest philanthropists in history: Morgan donated large sums to museums, universities, churches.
The Pope once talked with him and said after his death: "He was a great and good man." Papa regretted not discussing the financial condition of the Vatican with Morgan.

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