Trust and belief, what is the difference?

Trust and belief, what is the difference?
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In 1859, an event took place in Canada that gathered thousands of people. The famous French circus artist Jean Francois Grave, nicknamed "Blond", pulled a rope along one of the largest Niagara Falls in the world and successfully passed from one end to the other. Some time of training gave a tangible result: the circus went along the rope with his eyes closed, had breakfast on the rope, moved across it with wheelbarrows. The impression was that he would do anything on this rope. The crowd of people wishing to see the skill of the Blonde, became more and more. Once a circus performer addressed the crowd: “Do you think I can carry a person through a waterfall?”asked the blond. There was dead silence, fear and doubt turned out to be more confidence. People believed that it was possible, but no one could trust. If you asked people, believe that Jesus Christ can save you and endure you through all the hardships of life, the overwhelming majority would undoubtedly answer: "We believe that." Then one more question: are you ready to put your life in the hands of the Lord Jesus and follow Him today? Probably, each of us would have hundreds of reasons why he cannot do it right now. But it would be good if we ceased to be complacent only that we believe in the existence of God and with all our hearts entrusted us with their lives.

Trust and belief, what is the difference?

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