Max Planck, founder of quantum physics

Max Planck, founder of quantum physics
He formed one of the most complex physical theories of the 20th century - quantum theory. Max Planck is a Nobel laureate in physics (1918). He derived the law of radiation, named after him, introduced a quantum of action (Planck's constant).
The famous physicist Max Bourne wrote: “About the origin of Planck, about all these people, beautiful, worthy, incorruptible, noble, generous, who gave themselves to the service of the church and the state, it is necessary to remember anyone who wants to understand the nature of Max Planck and the origins of his success.”
Work on thermodynamics brought Planck international recognition. On December 14, 1905, at a meeting of the German Physical Society, he read a report that undermined the tenets of classical physics. And so quantum mechanics came into being.
In 1918, Max Planck received the Nobel Prize in Physics.
The last decade of his life was very tragic. Planck's wife Maria died, leaving him four children, three of whom did not survive the First World War. When the Nazis came to power in Germany, Planck considered this a national tragedy.He, as a religious man, defended Jewish scholars who were dismissed from their posts and who were forced to emigrate. The actions of the scientist were very annoying Nazi leader Adolf Hitler. During World War II, Planck's son was executed for participating in the assassination attempt on Hitler. The scientist was worried about this loss and wrote to his friend: “If there is any consolation at all, it can be found in eternity. I think that by the grace of heaven, from childhood I had a deeply rooted belief in the eternal. May God protect you and strengthen in everything. ”The great scientist died on October 4, 1947, having lived for several months before his 90th birthday. Over his life, Planck has written over 250 books and articles. Einstein said of him: “Living next to Planck is happiness. “Atheistic views were popular among scientists in his time, yet Planck firmly believed in God and was not ashamed to talk about it.”

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