Karl Linney, Prince of Nerds.

Karl Linney, Prince of Nerds.
He created a unified system for classifying the flora and fauna, founded modern taxonomy, defined the concept of a biological species, and helped biology become a full-fledged science.In 1729, Karl Linney met Professor Celsius, who played an important role in becoming him a botanist. Over time, Linnaeus moved to the scientist’s house, where he was studying his large library. The basic ideas for classifying plants were presented in Linnaeus' first work, Introduction to the Sexual Life of Plants.
A year later, Linnaeus begins to lecture at Uppsala University. The botanist spends some time in Lapland, and after fruitful work, the book Lapland's Short Flora is published there. ”
In 1735, Karl Linney received a doctorate in medical sciences. In his writings, the scientist divided all living organisms into two kingdoms - plants and animals, and each kingdom, in turn, divided it into classes, and classes into species. Each species of plants or animals received a double Latin name: the first word is a genus, the second word is a species. The scientist has put in place a real order in the description of wildlife, and this order is still preserved. Before Linnaeus, biology was only an auxiliary discipline of medicine, and it was precisely his systematization that was needed in order to formulate biology as a science.Once a scientist boldly declared: “The eternal, immortal and omnipresent God has passed by me. I did not see Him face to face, but the reflections of the Divine filled my soul with indescribable surprise. I saw the trace of God in His creations and everywhere, even in His smallest and most inconspicuous creations, what kind of power, what wisdom, what indescribable perfection! ”

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