Abraham Lincoln, liberator of slaves.

Abraham Lincoln, liberator of slaves.
Abraham Lincoln made a significant contribution to the formation of the American nation and to the abolition of slavery. It was he who formed the main goal of democracy: "A government created by the people, with the people and for the people."
During Lincoln’s stay, the president built a transcontinental railway, created a new banking system, and solved the agrarian problem. And the US economy has long become the economy that is developing most dynamically around the world. This is what allowed the United States of America to become a world leader at the beginning of the 20th century.His mother died at 34. The last words she said to the children were: “Remember God, obey His commandments, be kind to your father, to each other and to other people.”
Until adulthood, Abraham was engaged in self-education, which helped him successfully pass the exam and obtain permission to practice law.
In 1834 1842, he was elected to the Illinois Legislative Assembly several times. And over time, Lincoln represents Illinois in the lower house of Congress.On September 22, 1862, Abraham Lincoln announced that from January 1 of this year, all slaves will now and forever be free, and on December 30 signed the Proclamation on the Liberation of Slaves.
Lincoln was a man of high morality and had a good sense of humor. He once had a sworn enemy, Mr. Stanton, who publicly humiliated Lincoln. But, becoming president, he appointed Stanton one of his main ministers. Lincoln was advised to destroy his enemies and received this answer: "Do not I destroy my enemies by making them my friends?"
Every man should learn loyalty from President Lincoln. Historians consider his marriage with Mary Todd to be very unsuccessful. A man comes from a commoner, and his wife is from a noble family, however, she made frequent scandals, could defiantly pour a cup of tea on him in front of the guests, often broke down and screamed. But Lincoln was silent and humbly endured all this, and remained faithful to his wife until the end of his life. After his death, Mary went crazy and was placed in a psychiatric clinic.

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