Johann Goethe, founder of modern German literature

Johann Goethe, founder of modern German literature
In 1767, Goethe became a student at the University of Leipzig. Over time, fell in love, and it was this love that inspired to write the first collection of poems called "Annette".
Due to his illness, he leaves his studies for some time, and later recovers, but already at the University of Strasbourg. Here he meets Herder, a writer and theologian who had a huge influence on Goethe. Herder gave him his ideas about updating German poetry on a national basis. It is in Strasbourg that Goethe is formed as a poet.In 1771 he defended his doctoral dissertation and became a doctor of law. After that, the future genius takes a job as a lawyer. In the fall of 1775, Duke Karl Augustus takes Johann Goethe to his service as manager. There, he proved himself to be a talented civil servant. And over time, the duke entrusts Goethe with financial, educational and cultural management.
For successful service, he was awarded the title of nobility, and in 1815 he became the first minister of the government that formed the Duke Karl August.
In 1808, Goethe ends the first part of the Faust tragedy, which entered the treasury of world literature.Goethe for life also published scientific works on mineralogy, biology, comparative morphology, flora and fauna, anatomy, acoustics, optics. The Weimar edition of Goethe's works contains nearly one and a half hundred volumes. It is difficult to find a topic that he would not describe with all his depth of talent in his works

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