The Wright brothers are the inventors of the aircraft.

The Wright brothers are the inventors of the aircraft
The Wright brothers' apparatus not only turned out to be able to fly into the air, but carried out the first controlled flight in history. This fateful event happened on December 17, 1903. A few years later, the brothers created the first ever controlled aircraft.
In childhood, my father gave the brothers a toy helicopter. This toy was large and made of paper. It was this toy helicopter that lit a spark in the hearts of ingenious inventors.
The brothers, although they were in school, did not receive a certificate of completion.
Once, when Wilber played hockey and received a very strong club hit in the face; as a result, he was left without front teeth. And after that, he locked himself in, almost did not leave the house, although it was necessary to help his mother, who was seriously ill. It was at this time that he read many Christian books from his father’s library, and then he also helped his father in church affairs.Wilber’s brother Orville studied for some time, but later, starting a business, leaves science.
In 1892, the brothers opened a bicycle workshop, and eventually they themselves began to produce bicycles. But their element has always been the conquest of heaven. Watching the birds, the brothers concluded that during the flight the birds change the angle of the wings, which helps them to turn left or right. In 1900, the brothers began experimenting with their first glider. And in the following years, Orville and Wilber, based on their calculations of lift for wings of various forms, conduct research.
In the end, the Wright brothers gained control of the aircraft on three axes and on March 23, 1903 filed a patent application for their invention. In the same year, they equipped the aircraft with a Flyer 1 engine.

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